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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to my blog-site: Rise and Fallen of the Bollings

August 9th 2012.

Hot Day that is.

My name is Lily Mountjoy.  Some of you all know me here few blogs of mine. Maybe not?

Since my father, Billy Taylor Sr always kept to tell me about "the Cobbs" that he was believed about the first School for the Deaf was "the Cobbs". But only "short live" school.

I was too young and don't attention what my father told me, and he was so stubborn to repeat the story of "the Cobbs" to me because I am favored person with him. He wanted to make me to know about "the Cobbs" house in Chesterfield County.

I remembered what he told me... "Someday and somehow I can write about "the Cobbs", to make all people to not "forgotten" the Cobbs' history of the first school for the Deaf in Virginia Colony. "

He didn't make it.

He passed away in 2008. I was so heartbroken about my deaf father.

I decided to set up my own time and collecting the information, to make a story about the "Cobbs" house- and the three deaf children and two deaf grandchildren.

I found "Bollings" family that's connection with the "Cobbs" Plantation. Unbelievable, The Bollings are from Pocahontas Generations.

I sit down at the living room and quietly thinking, I reminded what my father told me. In my mind, pole my brain, "Go drawing or go write about it."

I asked Ricky Taylor for advice. He won't help me to write. I always want him to write, and editorial, he rejected me.  So I must move on and write it all and in future, I will looking for editorial to read my writing before accept and publish a book.

Not yet.. I just started last year and still collecting. I went to Williamsburg, Va and see the Williamsburg Inn then talked with lady about Thomas Bollings' portrait. She says moved to the museum. I have to pay $9.95 dollars ticket to visit the museum. But she suggested me to go another Historical Research Library behind the old Capitol. I thanked her and went there.
At Goochland County Historical Society and I discussing about planning to write about the Bollings, I asked these permission. They said "Go ahead, We don't need anything permission." "Because All the Legendary Bollings are over 500 years of history." All of you are part of Pocahontas' family in America at all, all are countless to many generations to generations.

Very nice information, but not enough information...

That sound like 50% not documentary enough.

They ask me and suggested me to go to Scotland and investigation about the Braidwood School about John Bolling's life, and his siblings, Thomas Bolling and Mary Bolling who stayed and resided in the family of Braidwood. That is why I need the documentary before I can make writing about the true story.

I don't have money for that trip. I wish I can do, but need to ask you all to donate that much, I would work hard everyday.

I want to make this good and created the sign languages in between Old World and New World.

I want this man name John Bolling's life and Thomas (John's father) and John Braidwood, of course, Thomas Gallaudet will be in this story. During time he was young (about 20 years old) who tried to talk with Thomas Bolling. But his last baby son, William Bolling always opened his eyes about Thomas Gallaudet's new school and sent his two children to American School for the Deaf.

Long ago... William was VERY upset about John Braidwood- he lost his trusted.- Thomas (father) suggested him to make sure if two deaf children, Albert and Mary (Thomas' grandchildren) go to Scotland... but William (a father of two children) told "out of question" to him. William seem to tell him how felt that lost John's life at 21 years old he died of yellow fever from England since he returned home in few months later.

Thomas' life was lose his own first deaf child, John. He lost everything he loved about John. He has to pay his burial. He felt down and hopeless. He was unable to pay to the Braidwood School financially problems.

That is why I need more time and researching with all the Bollings and the Braidwood and Thomas Gallaudet.

Please Please. do something to make donate, and give sponsors that all I need... go to Scotland and go investigation the historical places. I wanted to go see the place in Braidwood school and the Bolling Hall of England, and some historical society for the Deaf, and of course, go to Paris School for the Deaf to see if they are part of the issue between with method of documentary for the Deaf Heritages and Historical sites where John Bolling went...

I need to save it information and write a book, might a film as movie to see if you all want the movie, we can work out with.... I can apply to enroll the contest for Sundance Movies Festival someday, in future.

I am not doing anything scam with you all, I am not the Ricky thing.

Let's have feedback!

Take care.


Researcher for the Bollings.